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The French Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

SFBBM (The French Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society) was founded by Professor Maurice Nicloux on March 14, 1914 at the College de France in Paris. 

Since 1914, SFBBM has contributed to the spread of knowledge at the interface of biology and chemistry. Biochemistry and molecular biology are both transversal and pivotal to understand the mechanisms that underlie living organisms and viruses. As such, they reach a very broad community of biologists. In this context, the SFBBM continues today to be an important vector in the scientific community and despite its 100 years it has always been able to change and evolve with new developments. 

Missions of SFBBM:  
  • Gather biochemists and molecular biologists 
  • Unite and stimulate the scientific community through the Society‘s Theme Panels and its annual Congress  
  • Be the official representative of the scientific community to government organizations and national / international bodies 

SFBBM is the French branch of FEBS, Federation of the European Biochemical Societies. Members of SFBBM are automatically members of FEBS. 

For more information, please visit the SFBBM website: www.sfbbm.fr/